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  Choose a domain name
  • Go to "Seednet Domain Name Registration" page for foreign users only.

  • Select a desired domain extension.

  • Enter a desired domain name.

  • Read the agreements carefully and confirm your acceptance of conditions.
  Registration and purchase information
  • Type in your Account Number/Name and Password.
    ( first-time subscribers don't have to fill in the password at this page).

  • Input necessary information for applying and purchasing a domain name.

  • Confirm the correctness of input information.
  • After the information entered is confirmed and submitted, you have to make the payment online with credit card immediately. We accept Visa, Master, JCB card.

  • The purchase terms that can be selected including one-year, two-year, three-year, five-year and ten-year purchase

  • The fee will be charged in New Taiwan Dollars.
  Finalize Step
  • Complete the registration procedures

  • Select to go on  registering another domain name or return to homepage
  DNS (Host/IP) specification
  • Go to "Account Manager" to specify a DNS (Host/IP)Domain Name Service (DNS)